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1. Editing Services:

We work with Final Cut Pro, AVID and Adobe Editing Systems. 

We can accommodate both High Definition editing, Standard Definition editing and combined media video editing workflow. 

Each editing platform includes color grading, color correction and standard filters. 

Motion graphics and 2D / 3D animation can be added. 

We can also source out the music, any graphic material you require, create voice-overs and special effects. 


Video Editing for Business:

Our editing projects includes: 

Business conferences, presentations, interviews, charity events, documentaries, educational videos, web commercials,

promotional videos, YouTube videos…


Video Editing for Personal Projects:

We are interested in innovations and we are open to any personal project, hoping to bring our inputs to serve your ideas.


2. Filming and Live Events coverage:

We offer professional filming and coverage services starting from single camera filming solutions and moving on to complex multi-camera setups. 

Multi camera filming for your live event or video project allows a greater choice of shots and angles, giving a choice of editing styles and footage to work with. 

It is an ideal solution to capture all aspects of your event and to ensure that the end product is up to your expectations.


We film: 

- Events (Conferences, Award Shows, Charity events, Sports events…)

- Presentations

- Performances (Concerts, Danse, Theater…)

- Documentaries

- Product launches

- Press releases

- Lectures


3. Web video production:

We film and produce: online videos, video for websites, web ads. 

The success of web videos and viral videos continues to increase with the rapid expansion of broadband in RO and globally. 

Online web videos play an important part of many companies advertising and promotions strategies. 

With millions of consumers visiting the internet daily, web videos are becoming a crucial part of online marketing and promotion.


What type of web content do we produce?

- Corporate and communication videos

- Web commercials & ads

- Viral Videos

- Internet marketing videos

- Training & e-learning videos

- Sales & promotional videos

- Web TV content, on-demand and live streaming


Delivery formats: 

Online videos, can be delivered in the following formats: FLV, WMV, MP4, MOV or encoded to your specification.